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Valley Metro Gun Grabbers

  Valley Metro currently allows guns on buses. At least that is the "official" policy which Valley Metro pretends to have and pretends to allow guns on buses.

A number of years ago Valley Metro had a gun grabbing policy of not allowing people to ride on it's buses who were carrying guns.

We are not sure why Valley Metro changed their gun grabbing policy and started allowing people to carry guns on buses.

We suspect that somebody threatened Valley Metro with a law suit saying their gun grabbing policy violated the civil rights of bus riders at the Federal level per the 2nd Amendment at at the state level per the 14th Amendment.

Valley Metro changed their policy and now at least on paper Valley Metro doesn't flush the 2nd Amendment rights of it's riders down the toilet.

Of course that is on paper only!!!!!

Valley Metro still has a policy of teaching bus drivers that gun are NOT allowed on buses, despite it's official policy of allowing guns on buses.

I have asked a number of bus drivers if guns are allowed on buses. They all responded "no", which conflicts with Valley Metros official policy of allowing guns on buses.

I have even asked the instructors who were training bus drivers what they teach the new drivers about guns. Again the trainers told me that they taught new bus drivers that guns are "not allowed on buses".

Valley Metro also continues to post signs on it's buses telling people that guns are not allowed on buses.

That is despite it's official policy of allowing guns on buses.

Here is what the typical no guns sign looks like:

Sign that says 'No guns allowed' on Valley Metro Bus - Saturday, Feb 12, 2011

  I shot this photo on a Valley Metro Bus number 6279 that was doing the 96 Dobson Route on Saturday, Feb 12, 2011.

On the left side of the photo is the number "6279", that is the bus number.

No guns sign on Valley Metro Bus number 6279, Shot on Sat, Feb 12, 2011