How to turn off the computerized voice on Valley Metro Buses

  The bus drivers have figured out how to turn off the annoying computerized female voice that calls out the bus stops on the Valley Metro Buses which serve the Phoenix area.

The key sequence to turn of the loud obnoxious computerized female voice is:

  1. Hit the F2 key on the screen
  2. Hit the AM key on the screen
Now look at the message on the screen. It should toggle from
 Mode: Auto
 Mode: Manual
And the stupid annoying lady will stop jabbering and leave you in peace.

To turn the annoying lady back on and have the stupid computer call out the bus stops:

  1. Hit the HOME key
The message on the screen will toggle back to
Mode: Auto
and the annoying lady will start her jabbering again.

You want to down load this manual that the City of Tempe gave me but didn't bother to give to you bus drivers. It is a public document anyone can get by making a request per A.R.S. 39-121 to the City of Tempe. The official name of the manual is ATC Tempe Operator Training Manual. It contains all kinds of information that is very useful. It is Microsoft Word document so you have to have Microsoft Word or some other product that allows you to read Word files installed and enabled to view it. If you don't have Microsoft Word you can save the document to you disk as a file and take it to somewhere where you have word. The file is fairly large. It is 2,587K bytes.


Pages 51 thru 56 contain some interesting information about the VMS system which controls the loud obnoxious female voice which announces the bus stops.

The City of Tempe sent it to me when I accused them of lying about their procedures.